Triggering content will be spoilered.

Mini Cake

My boss bought a mini cake for me today. I'll share it with my family.

We finished Degrassi Junior High, High, and The Next Generation, and we have started watching Next Class yesterday. We already finished a season since the deasons are only 10 episodes long. I didn't have high expectations for the show going in, and it took a while for it to get good, but the buildup to the end of the season was good. Somehow, I didn't expect That Guy to be the one to do That Thing even though the signs were obvious.

I recently checked the price of that one Kusuriuri figure, and they go for at least $500 now which is insane. I remember when I saw the price at $84 and waited longer for the price to drop more only for it to become unavailable. I hope they rerelease this figure or release a new one in time for the movie.

Oh, I also added two shrines to my website, one for Mononoke and one for The Thief and the Cobbler. They use my website's regular layout as a base, but I changed some things about them to make them more unique and fit better with the aesthetics of those media.


Mononoke Movie 2023

I got 100% on my Microbiology final exam which I am very proud of. Now, I have time to work on Summer projects.

A few days ago, I saw the teaser video for the upcoming Mononoke movie, and I got very emotional about it because it was one of the best things to happen to me in 3 years. In this diary entry, I will talk about some theories of what the movie may be about, and I will update this diary entry if I have any other thoughts about it in the next few days.

In the trailer, Kusuriuri seems to have a different colour palette. Either that, or the people who made the animation decided to use different colours to make it look more trippy and cool. Aside from the colours, other differences in his design include his bandana looking more like a beanie, his eyebrows being painted dots rather than his natural little triangles, his eye makeup being more detailed, and his hair being dyed at the tips. Eboy Kusuriuri. This new design suggests to me that this new story might take place in the modern day or any time after the 1980s. It might take place during the 1970s-80s when Japan was in its economic boom, in the 90s-2000s during the rise of the internet and new technology, or in our current time period. I believe it will take place in the 2020s because it will be about 100 years since Bakeneko 2 happened. Whatever the case, I hope and believe that we will get to see a modern reincarnation of Kayo / Chiyo.

The teaser video shows a new design for the sliding doors that has a different design for every arc. The door's design often related to the themes in the story. This door shows a man and a woman and two large serpents with multiple eyes. Large serpents could be the Uwabami yokai which have the power to eat things larger than their bodies (including people), shapeshift into people or objects, control natural disasters, and drink lots of alcohol. On closer inspection though, the sliding door might actually depict Yamata no Orochi, a giant serpent with 8 heads and tails. The man and woman on the door match with art depicting this legendary creature which often features storm god Susanoo no Mikoto and his wife, Kushinadahime. If the sliding door art is relevant to the story, this might just be the mononoke.

There were also some announcements made during the 15th anniversary stream from director Kenji Nakamura that mentioned happiness of the individual vs the happiness of organizations and society not matching. If this announcement has anything to do with the content of the movie, there might be some anticapitalist themes, or the movie might criticize modern Japan's workaholic culture.

The only part of the puzzle I am missing is that every arc revolves around a women's issue, and I don't know enough about Japanese politics or feminism to guess what form of misogyny would cause the formation of a mononoke that is a pressing issue in the current day. The only thing I can think of is about the birthrate which might call back to the Zashiki Warashi arc. Though I can't make any guesses as to what the women's issue may be, I hope they haven't scrapped the concept of every mononoke originating from misogyny.


Lost Teeth #2

The other day, I had a dream where Anrakyr and his roommate were staying in my Grandmother's old room. In the room, his roommate had a sort of terrarium for his pet. While we were all having a conversation sitting on a bed, this long, snakelike ferret jumped out of the terrarium and onto him. It jumped all over the place every 15 seconds. It jumped on me many times.

When it landed on my head, I grabbed its tube-like body with my hand, and it started flailing. I felt its warmth and short hairy texture in the dream. I threw it out as far as I could, but it kept jumping around. The next time it came towards me, I dodged it, and my head hit the wall. Anrakyr and his roommate asked if I was okay, but I felt in my mouth that all my top teeth fell out. At that point, I knew I was dreaming, and I told them I was okay.

My Mom told me that in Viet superstition, having teeth fall out in dreams indicates that something will happen to the family. I've had tooth falling dreams for years, and nothing has happened, so I disproved the superstition.


On JavaScript

Tumblr has banned the use of JavaScript on blogs unless a blog owner contacts Tumblr staff. Unfortunately, my blog theme, my pride and joy that lives on through this Neocities site, uses Javascript, and I happen to despise Tumblr staff.

I've seen many users of the indienet hating on JavaScript, but I'm not sure why. Many of them try to make their pages JSless. I wonder if I could do that.



After two years of trying to find answers to explain my life, I got evaluated by a psychologist, and I was told that I filled every diagnostic criteria of ASD. Every single one. ADHD, GAD, and OCD were ruled out.

I'm not sure what else to say.



Today, I discovered Notpron and tried to play through it. It's a browser riddle game that involves using clues from page sources, images, audio, and URLs. It's really up my alley, and I made it through level 30.

In three days, I might or might not find some important information about myself. Bug sigh.


Rook Update #1

It has officially been half a year since I got my rook piercing. Now, it is less swollen than before, but it hasn't gone back to normal yet. There has never been any red swelling or piercing bumps. However, there have been occasional lymph fluid leaks which are normal in a healing piercing.

I'm trying to get through this one lapse of lymph leaking. I think it'll turn out cleaner and less crusty than the previous times. I can't wait to downsize this thing.



Today, I had training to sit at a desk and do nothing for my new desk job. Since I'll be working during the Summer, not many people will need anything, so work will be easy. I'll also have time to do homework.

I also listened to Touhou LoLK's OST again, and it is really beautiful. I love how each game's music matches with its theme.

I finally finished creating all of the pages of my website, so the only thing left to do is to populate them with information.


I Lost My Teeth Again

I had a dream last night that I lost a tooth again. It's always the same tooth.

In the bathroom, I saw that this tooth was loose. I tried to wiggle it back into place, but it kept getting looser. It ultimately fell out as usual. I texted Anrakyr crying about it.

This tooth has been through a lot in real life. At first, it was my favourite tooth because it had a sharp point that I could play with. I'd take my tongue and press it into the point because I like how it felt. Then, it became sensitive and needed a root canal because it was kinda disconnected. Now, it is a fake tooth, but I still have dreams about it like it's still real.


First Entry

This week, I set up my Neocities website which you are looking at right now.

I had brunch with future coworkers and watched One Piece with Anrakyr yesterday.

Today, I had a good day. I went to Dua's graduation ceremony. I also received all of the materials to build my 3rd keyboard. It's an Alice style board based on Serial Experiments Lain. I ordered it last year and got it in the mail unexpectedly early.